Metro Lighting's Turnkey Approach

Metro Lighting has created a simple and streamlined approach to realizing your energy savings.

Prior to installation, we will perform a complimentary site assessment of your facility. We walk you through the analysis to understand the costs and benefits from a LED Lighting retrofit installation and the return on investment you will receive.

1. Complimentary Site Audit

Our Metro Lighting specialists will begin by visiting your facility to inspect and assess your current lighting system.

2. Competitive Pricing

After a thorough analysis of your facility, you will be presented with a detailed breakdown of the pricing proposal including your return on investment, in addition to installation timelines and post-installation service and warranty details.

3. Rebate Paperwork

Metro Lighting works with incentive programs such as the Save-ON-Energy retrofit program, run by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and delivers incentives up to 50% of your total project cost. We will handle the administration of your rebate filing, seeking to secure you with the highest rebate amount possible. The rebate amounts are guaranteed and will be paid directly to the client upon completion of the project. Learn more about LED Retrofit rebates.

4. Professional Installation and Warranty

Metro Lighting contracts only highly experienced licensed electricians and specialists to manage and install our products during the installation period. Our No.1 commitment to you is having the work done in the most efficient way, on schedule, while minimizing disruptions to the building occupants.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED lights can significantly lower your operating costs and reduce your maintenance burden. LEDs simply outperform and outlast all other lighting technologies in just about every category.

Depending on the existing lights and the particular LEDs installed, the savings could be more than 90%

  • LEDs consume +/- 75% less energy than traditional light sources
  • Lasts 40 times longer than incandescent
  • Lasts 4-5 times longer than compact fluorescent
  • LED’s are versatile and safe as they’re dimmable and colour controllable, contain no mercury, do not emit and UV lighting
  • LEDs Have Great Color Rendering Index (CRI) – The CRI reveals the actual color of objects much better than traditional bulbs which provide poor lighting
  • LEDs emit almost no forward heat while traditional bulbs like incandescents convert more than 90% of the total energy into heat.
  • LED’s are very durable and do not break as easily as other lighting products.

At Metro Lighting we never compromise on the quality of the products we install, and only use LEDs, fixtures and Lighting controls that meet cUL or cETL safety standards.

During our initial light assessment, we’ll evaluate what LED is most suited to your location. There are many variables to consider when selecting the ideal LED lights for each location in the facility, including: the colour of the light (colour temperature), the quality of the light (Colour Rendering Index – CRI), whether or not it is dimmable, the light output (lumens), and whether it can be used in wet or damp locations are all factors we will consider.

As Metro Lighting is based in Toronto, Ontario, we can certainly take our services and solutions Canada wide, so feel free to contact us for details.

Metro Lighting will assess your current installation and recommend the most ideal LED replacements to maximize your rebate. Imagine the substantial overall energy savings and the quick return on investment in your lighting upgrades.

To provide you with a simple visual of the ROI, we divide the yearly savings by the total investment: Eg. $5,000 of energy savings per year, divided by $10,000 total investment, equals 50% ROI.

Increasing Efficiency, Maximizing Return on Investment