Metro Lighting Solutions provides expertise in various markets including Commercial buildings, multi-residential and condominium buildings, and Industrial buildings.

commercial lighting retrofit

Commercial Lighting

Upgrading to LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 50% – 75%. In commercial establishments the savings on annual energy expenses can be substantial. In addition, maintenance costs will be reduced with energy efficient and maintenance free LED fixtures, amounting to thousands of dollars saved annually when entire offices / retail spaces are upgraded. LED lighting also improve work atmosphere as well as productivity.

multi residential lighting retrofit

Multi-Residential Lighting

Retrofitting LED lights into housing developments, condominiums and apartment buildings does not just amount to considerable energy and cost savings in the long term, but also transforms the look and feel of the residential unit as the quality of light is improved.

industrial lighting retrofit

Industrial Lighting

We understand that the best working environment whether at a factory or playing at a soccer field is seeing clearly and accurately leading to better overall productivity. We will only install the best quality LED’s providing maximum visibility, colour accuracy and energy efficiency.

Increasing Efficiency, Maximizing Return on Investment