At Metro Lighting Solutions, our dependable experienced staff have built up a reputation for quality and expertise in all areas of commercial lighting automation for over 20 years.

We have taken our years of experience, both in the hardware/software world and in the customer service industry, and merged them into a business that provides real lighting control solutions that you can depend on.

Turnkey Lighting Solutions

Efficient Control

If you want an efficient working lighting control system, Metro Lighting has solutions

Customized Systems

If you want help customizing your lighting control system so that it is perfectly tailored to your needs, Metro Lighting has solutions.

Expert Advice

Considering starting up a lighting control system for the very first time or upgrading from your current control system, Metro Lighting has solutions.

Real People, Real Answers

If you need to talk to a real person and get real answers, our technicians actually pick up the phone when it rings!

“Lighting control solutions Improve system performance - reduce your overall costs - protect your investment”

Commercial Lighting Controls

Metro Lighting is in the forefront of design, installation, testing, maintenance and support of lighting control systems for commercial applications across Canada. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have built up a superior reputation in the past 20 years for quality and expertise in all areas of commercial lighting automation. We install and service industry-leading commercial lighting control systems that use energy efficient lighting controls technology, designed to meet code, and enable the control of natural and artificial light in indoor spaces. We are adept at providing lighting control solutions that can improve system performance, reduce your overall costs and protect your investment over the long term.

We have worked with hundreds of commercial customers, from coast to coast, providing lighting control solutions even for their most demanding and complex situations. Our field support engineers are certified, technical experts with years of hands-on experience and a serious passion for customer service. ​​

At Metro Lighting Solutions, our specialties include all the products and services you need to maintain your lighting control systems, including:

  • Design and installation of lighting control system solutions
  • Repairs and replacement of lighting devices and parts of many major brands
  • System upgrades of many lighting control brands and automation suites across multiple platforms such as RSOFT to WinControl applications
  • Troubleshooting and repair of hardware problems
  • General maintenance and clean-up of system components
  • Designing and maintaining operating manuals
  • Providing backups of lighting control system programming
  • Design of control system graphic screens
  • Training your system administrators to operate and manage your lighting control systems
  • Specializing in third party testing of lighting automation systems

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Is it time to consider a lighting control system or upgrade your older system?

Metro Lighting Solution’s experienced specialists can help you find the best lighting automation option, whether you are considering starting up a lighting control system for the very first time or if you are seeking to upgrade from your current control system.

Our specialists will assess your lighting automation and control needs, and provide you with recommendations specifically catered to your preferences, providing you with complete control over your facility’s lighting system.

Should you consider a system update or a complete upgrade, you can trust Metro Lighting Solutions to provide you with options including designing and managing your system upgrade project to ensure success and avoiding any disruption or down time.

Hardware Upgrades

Metro Lighting Solutions helps customers upgrade from their ECON or component-based hardware to a reliable, functional, integrated lighting control system. Metro Lighting provides you with the very best industry leading hardware platforms available. These solutions are modular, allowing you to start at the ‘right size’ and grow your hardware as your company grows and your lighting control needs change. They are interoperable and compatible with many legacy brand lighting controls to protect your investment.

Software Upgrades

Metro Lighting Solutions highly knowledgeable technicians can aid in migrating legacy software such as RSOFT (DOS) to a modern and intuitive platform that is PC based with a user-friendly interface. These integrated software platforms are fully scalable and can include features for documenting, programming and controlling lighting control systems. Software features include;

  • User-friendly Windows® PC based automation interface
  • Optional real-time graphics
  • Multi-level, user-defined password access
  • Object oriented component software with ActiveX support for high-level integration with other systems
  • Programs and monitors multiple sites
  • Available software to layout and document lighting control projects using 3D graphics, and produce CAD-ready diagrams in DXF format

Increasing Efficiency, Maximizing Return on Investment