Metro Lighting Solutions

Welcome to Metro Lighting Solutions. – Established in Toronto, Ontario – we are a full-service LED lighting retrofits and lighting automation provider founded on the principles of energy conservation, increasing efficiency and maximizing the client’s return on investment, and in turn increasing their profitability.

With over 20 years of practical experience in retrofitting lighting and lighting automation systems in multi-residential, industrial and retail establishments across Canada, there isn’t much we haven’t seen and accomplished. Metro Lighting handles all your lighting installation needs in addition to handling and processing your Ontario government saveONenergy rebates.

Industry Expertise

We are your true partners and hold ourselves to the highest levels of innovation, professionalism, and unsurpassed quality.

Unrivaled Workmanship

Our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients maximize lighting efficiencies, and reduce their hydro bills.


Simple & Streamlined Approach

We have created a simple and streamlined approach to realizing your energy savings. We perform a complimentary site assessment, and provide a thorough cost analysis to highlight the benefits from a LED Lighting retrofit.

Increasing Efficiency, Maximizing Return on Investment